Here’s What Happens When You Pour Sulphuric Acid On A Big Mac


Like the Ring of Sauron it seems that McDonald’s food is pretty much indestructible and while we knew that the passing of time wouldn’t rot the burgers surely acid would reduce a Big Mac to delicious mush?

Well the good people over at the Let’s Melt This YouTube channel decided find out exactly what happens when you pour sulphuric acid on a Big Mac and honestly the results were terrifying.

For the record Sulphuric acid’s a ridiculously corrosive material capable of reducing metal, stone and human flesh to a thick paste, so you’d expect it to devour a Big Mac like a drunk on Saturday night – you’d be wrong.

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It seems that when creating the ‘perfect burger’ the Dark Lord Ronald McDonald poured more than just his soul into the delicious junk food as whatever alchemical process was used in its creation has made it near impervious to the acid.

Seriously, despite leaving the burger in acid for 30 minutes all it actually did was blacken the bun and make it go hard. Eventually though Ronald’s evil magic clearly failed and the centre does appear to star melting but not quick enough for it not to be super weird.

big mac featuredMcDonalds

Those behind the channel wrote:

We originally through the Big Mac would dissolve into a giant pile of mush,”Turns out the sulphuric acid actually cooked the outside of the Big Mac bun until it was rock hard.

Almost as if we left it in the oven too long. Of course when we got to the centre of the Big Mac it began to melt away on contact. We time lapsed this video over a 30 minute period so you could view the entire process quicker.

As a quick aside the only thing that sulphuric acid won’t melt are certain plastics, that’s how we can store it, which makes us more than a bit worried about McDonald’s Big Mac recipe…