Here’s What It’s Like To Fly First Class On Singapore Airlines


If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to fly first class on Singapore Airlines, then we’ve got the answers and it looks seriously swanky. 

The airline has been dubbed the third best in the world by Skytrax and Singapore’s Changi International Airport – where it’s based – has been voted the best in the world for four years consecutively, which is pretty impressive.

‘Standout service,’ ‘first class options,’ and a plethora of entertainment available, are all known to be part of the airline’s package, Insider reports.

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While breakfast in bed – proper beds that is, not just a shite reclining seat, that’s a bit on the cramped side – doesn’t necessarily spring to mind when you think of flying, but this is very much part of the first class lifestyle on board.

They don’t just stop at that though, double bedroom suites are also very much a part of the offering, which the staff will readily decorate in rose petals, chocolates and Champagne.

The company prides themselves on an ultra fast check-in process, complete with their own private security line and immigration checkpoint – before jetting you off on your high-flying travels.

Singapore Airlines

As part of the first class experience, passengers get handed a ticket to The Private Room – a swanky sounding lounge before they even board the flight…

In the lounge alone, there is a full-service buffet or if you’d prefer something more substantial, then lobster is a popular option on the a la carte menu, along with Singapore Sling ice cream.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Once on board, you can settle down into the super squashy, 35-inch-wide leather seats, crafted with the ‘finest grade full-grain leather with mahogany trimmings,’ although even the ‘normal’ seats look pretty damn luxurious…

The private suites are perhaps by far one of the best bits on offer on the first class flight, consisting of a cream and brown decor with leather and wood accents, to apparently create ‘create a cosy, homely atmosphere.’

There is also a separate bed, with leather armchairs, a chaise lounge – that’s right – and a table, which makes it feel more like a well appointed hotel room than an aeroplane.

Singapore Airlines

There’s none of that gross food being served up in plastic boxes malarkey on board here, oh no, all of the food looks like it’s straight out of a Michelin star restaurant and served on bone china no less.

The airline boasts an ‘International Culinary Panel comprising award-winning chefs from the culinary capitals of the world,’ which work with the chefs to create a fabulous on board menu, fit for a king.

If that’s not quite enough and you fancy something a little more bespoke, then if you’re a premium passenger, you can ‘book the cook’ and pre-order local specialities in advance of your flight.

Of course no first class service would be complete without the right wine menu and last year the airline won ‘Best Overall Wine Cellar,’ awarded by the Business Traveller UK Cellars in the Sky judging panel.

And check this out, they even have ‘air sommeliers’ to ensure you’re matching the right wine to your meal.

Once you’re done dining, you can pick from over 1,000 films, Tv programmes, games, apps and music from your own personal KrisWorld inflight entertainment system, which comes with a HD-LCD screen and high-quality Bose headphones.

They even make sure you’re fully catered for in the toiletry department and provide a designer Ferragamo kit for you complete with perfume or aftershave, PJs and slippers.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines

Apparently – if this is something you request – someone will even come over and tuck you in at night…

The whole thing looks pretty spectacular to me… Definitely puts my economy tickets with a supermarket meal deal to shame…