Here’s What Outnumbered Kids Are Up To These Days


Yesterday the world was shocked to discover that even children who’ve been on the telly are effected by the movement of time.

Now the Outnumbered kids, who stunned the world by actually having aged in the two years since the last season, have spoken about what they’ve been up to since the popular sitcom went off the air.

Speaking to The Sun , Tyger Drew-Honey, who played the Brockman’s eldest Jake, explained exactly where life had taken them since they went their separate ways.


Ramona Marquez now 15,  who played Karen the youngest and funniest of the clan, is working hard at school to get her GCSE’s and even has a boyfriend.

Tyger said:

Ramona’s got a boyfriend now and has just started her GCSEs. She still does a bit of acting but obviously she’s focusing on school at the moment.

She’s been on the biggest journey of us all as she’s gone from having red hair to pink hair and all sorts of piercings.


Meanwhile Daniel Roche, 16, played the typical middle child Ben and is now an aspiring England rugby star.

Tyger described Dan’s success, saying: 

Ben [Daniel] is a very successful rugby boy. He plays for Wasps and he could definitely be knocking on the door of the England team in the future.

I think he plays above his age at Wasps at the moment.

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Finally Tyger spoke about his love of documentary-making and how he’s currently in talks to make a David Attenborough-style documentary because he has a ‘massive love of animals’.

Good luck to them all!