Here’s What Pearl The Landlord From The Will Ferrell Video Looks Like Now

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Funny Or Die

Cast your mind back to the Internet dark ages of 2007 when the world was shunned by one of the biggest viral videos of all time: The Landlord.


In the world of viral videos, The Landlord is an epic. A magnum opus if you will. A pioneering true work of noughties art.

In case over the past ten years you’ve forgotten it, it’s the horrific tale of a man who’s a little late on paying his rent – created and directed by Anchorman director Adam McKay and Will Ferrell.

Ferrell stars in the two-minute clip as a tragic anti-hero who can’t afford his rent – and his Machiavellian alcoholic landlady is McKay’s two-year-old daughter, Pearl, whose catchphrase ‘I want my money bitch’ resulted in millions shouting it across the globe for years to come.


The video, which was the first clip created by McKay’s company Funny or Die, was a major pillar in the early Internet video years, but ever since Pearl has drifted off the radar into nothingness.

Now, ten years on and Pearl’s broke her silence with Vice, chatting to them about acting, the current state of internet comedy, and what she thinks of her dad’s Oscar-winning film, The Big Short.

Speaking about The Landlord, Pearl said:

I was like two years old so I don’t remember filming the video but I have a couple loose memories of being there but not really.

A couple days ago at school, my friends were watching the video and I had no idea and was like, ‘What’s that sound?’ and they go, ‘Pearl, we’re watching your video!’

Nothing’s really different now, though. It doesn’t come up a lot but yeah, some friends know about the video. They don’t care very much. Some reactions from the public have been pretty weird, though.

When I was six or seven, I went to get my hair cut and this lady said, ‘You look like Pearl from the Landlord video’, and my nanny said, ‘Yeah, she was in that video’. Basically, they said they named their dog after me and had me sign a hairbrush.

Well that’s not terrifying.

Then everything got a bit philosophical with Pearl adressing the changes in humour which have occured over the past ten years, saying:


Today, I think all the social medias have different types of humor. Awhile ago adults would go, ‘Oh, a two-year-old swearing, that’s hilarious’, but now I think that would only appeal to maybe a nine-year-old. I don’t really find it funny.

Also, grownups will find humor on stuff like The Walking Dead. Anything my parents like they’ll find something funny about it. I don’t know how they do it. My mom will be like, ‘Breaking Bad, that’s such a funny show. I love it’. But it’s actually not such a funny show.

You’re right Pearl.

And her advice to her award winning director father?

He should do more comedy projects. My favorite movies of his are Anchorman and stuff. The Big Short was boring. It’s probably a good movie but I kind of fell asleep during it. It’s not really for 12-year-olds.

Take note Adam.

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