Here’s What The New Celebrity Big Brother House Looks Like

NINTCHDBPICT000255004832Good Morning Britain

Fans of reality programmes featuring so-called celebrities who are so unknown they aspire to be the people who aspire to be Z-list, are in for a surprise. 

Good Morning Britain were treated to a tour of the brand spanking new Celebrity Big Brother house today, giving the four fans who still watch this absolute sludge of a TV programme a sneak peak of the house.

NINTCHDBPICT000255004827Good Morning Britain

According to The Sunthe entertainment reporter Michael Underwood was given access to the house just before the so-called stars dragged themselves away from their busy lives advertising dross on daytime TV and sponging off their surnames to go the studio.

Channel 5 have spared no expense this year to decorate the house, presumably raiding the sale aisle in TK Maxx to bring a touch of luxury to the stars’ lives while they desperately vie for our attention.

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Michael Underwood, who does his best to sound enthused at what is essentially a particularity tacky looking hostel, revealed there was a ‘gold theme’ this year.

The kitchen is decorated with large gold stars, as it seems are parts of the floor and the bedroom. Meanwhile, the living room’s currently empty because the large ’emerald green’ sofa hasn’t arrived yet.

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Sorry to be so facetious about Big Brother but is anyone really interested?