Here’s What The Weird Lines On The Back Of An iPhone Are


For all you lucky ducks who are privileged enough to have a state of the art iPhone 6, have you ever wondered what those plastic vertical lines are on the back?

Me neither, but bear with us.

In case you don’t know what we mean, it’s the ugly plastic crown and nappy that the iPhone 6 has at the top and bottom of the phone.

iphone antennaApple

Well, as ugly as they are, they’re actually a super important part of the phone as they’re its antennas which allow it to link up with the network, The Mirror reports.

In older models, the antennas were hidden inside the phone but the 6’s metallic design means that the radio waves wouldn’t be able to escape if they were hidden indoors so they had to be put where they are – cue scandalous gasps.

antenna 2Apple

Ironically, some believe that the ‘widely hated‘ bands are a result of people complaining about the poor signal strength of older models and are Apple’s attempts to extend the antenna length.

The rather unattractive plastic lines were a point of controversy when the phone was first unveiled – for people who obsess about the back of phones – with people questioning whether the Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, who was notorious for his keen designer’s eye, would have allowed the bands.

antenna 3Apple

Thankfully for those with a plastic band phobia, the iPhone 7 is looking to replace the antennas with a metal that’ll allow radio waves to pass through while retaining the strength of metal.

Thank Christ we’ve dealt with that – now we can move on to wondering about more important mysteries like what type of plastic the iPhone charger’s made from…