Here’s What Thieves Said To Get Into Kim Kardashian’s Home


Its been revealed how thieves managed to trick their way into Kim Kardashian’s French apartment earlier this week where they robbed her at gun point. 

According to the concierge who let the five man gang into the building at around 2:30 am he was tricked into letting them in after they said: ‘It’s urgent – we must see Miss Kardashian’.

Once inside the claimed to be police but soon pointed a gun at him and demanded that he let them into Kim’s apartment using a key behind the desk.


The robbers then held Miss Kardashian at gunpoint, tying her up and gagging her before making off with the over $9 million worth of jewelery.

The unidentified concierge has insisted that he was also threatened at gunpoint but according to The Daily Mail the concierge’s statement has been questioned by the police.

They explained that low-ranking night staff such as the concierge don’t have such easy access to £25,000-a-week flats used by celebrities.


An investigating source explained: 

It is inconceivable that this concierge could have just walked into the flat with the robbers without breaking the door down, and there is no sign of forced entry.

It’s believed that the thieves escaped the apartment on push bikes although there’s no CCTV to prove it.