Here’s What Would Happen If Only Men Could Vote In The U.S. Presidential Election

by : UNILAD on : 12 Oct 2016 17:12

It feels like the U.S. Presidential campaign has been going on for an absolute fucking eternity, but by this time next month we will finally know whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will be leading the U.S into hell fire for at least the next four years.


The polls began to get too close for comfort between Trump and Hillary a few weeks back, after her integrity over thousands of deleted emails and rumours about her poor health were called into question.

But she has since retaken a strong lead against Donald, after the release of a 2005 video tape on Friday showed the toupéed twit making horrific comments towards women and essentially condoning sexual assault.


Because apparently, everything he said about Mexicans, Muslims and women were totally fine beforehand – although saying that any controversy that surrounds the business magnate only seems to make him bounce back stronger.


A series of national polls released yesterday showed margins ranging from five to 11 percentage points, except one defiant poll which shows Trump up by two points.

But while we’re still waiting to see how the next few weeks pan out, data from a Public Religion Research Institute poll conducted on behalf of The Atlantic was spotted by the guys at FiveThirtyEight- who identified a massive gender split between men and women.


It shows that that Clinton trails Trump by 11 percentage points among men but leads him by 33 points among women.

Using other national poll data from this month, they went on to find that on average Clinton leads Trump by 15 points among women, but trails him by five among men.

On an electoral map, it’d look something like this:

They worked out that Clinton would win 458 electoral votes to just 80 for Trump, while conversely The Donald would get 350 electoral votes to 188 for Clinton.


So it’s safe to say that if Trump loses this election, it will be because women voted against him and you can’t really blame them.


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