Here’s What Would Happen To Earth If Humans Disappeared Tomorrow

by : UNILAD on : 05 Apr 2017 19:17

Ever wondered what would happen to our planet if all the people on it disappeared tomorrow?


Whether you have – or haven’t – this fascinating video shows a time-lapse of  just what would happen to Earth without humans inhabiting it.

According to the video, which was made using footage created by National Geographic, it wouldn’t take long for Earth to ‘reset’ itself – but not after some crazy and slightly terrifying events.

Here’s a timeline of events, if humans disappeared, according to Daily Mail:


A few hours later: Most of the lights around the world would shut off because power plants would run out of fuel and solar panels would get covered in dust. The only power plants still running would be hydroelectric stations.

Two or three days later: Most underground train systems would flood because the pumps keeping water out would stop working.

Ten days later: Pets and farm animals would die off while packs of big dogs would form to hunt down other animals.

A month later: The cooling water in nuclear power stations would have evaporated. This would lead to a series of disasters across the world, stronger than Fukushima and Chernobyl.

One year later: Satellites around Earth will start to fall from their orbit, creating strange ‘stars’ in the sky.

Twenty five years later: Vegetation will cover the world with some cities being buried in sand.


Three hundred years later: Metal buildings, bridges, and towers will start to break apart because of corrosion.

10,000 years later: The only evidence of our existence will be the things we’ve made with stone like the pyramids in Egypt, the Great Wall of China and Mount Rushmore.

Really bloody scary stuff.

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