Here’s When Trump Will Get Nuclear Codes And How Easy They Are To Use

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It’s terrifying enough that this joke of a businessman, with insane hair, is now President of the United States, without the thought of Trump getting his dirty hands on the button that could End.The.World.


However, this is a completely legitimate and now potentially imminent concern.


It’s hard to imagine that it could get worse than the USA, openly electing this monstrosity of a man, to be their representative on a global platform, but, it does.

They have also effectively given him the keys to world destruction and if minor annoyances, such as an abusive tweet, send the orange faced fella into a meltdown, then surely it’s only a matter of time before he uses them right?


The Mirror have attempted to answer the horrifying question as to when and how the Trumpster, (speaking jovially about him just seems inappropriate right now), will be able to access and activate them.

Despite denying profusely that he would push that matter-of-life-or-death button, the fact that he can – pretty easily – makes it all the more alarming.


Here’s how it works. A military aide must be at Donald Trump’s side at all times with an extremely confidential case, known bizarrely as the ‘nuclear football.’

Inside, is a book known mysteriously as ‘the biscuit,’ containing lists of strike options, secure bunkers to protect the president, instructions for the Emergency Broadcast System and an authentication card to confirm the president’s identity.

Hope they don’t lose that then…


Perhaps the most worrying aspect of all is that he has SOLE AUTHORITY to fire nuclear weapons.

I repeat, SOLE AUTHORITY, meaning he needs permission from nothing and nobody, therefore if he wants to action nuclear warfare then he can when he damn well decides it.

Is anyone else thoroughly disturbed by that nightmarish thought?


The protocol goes like this. The president holds a conference with his military and civilian advisers which goes on for as long as he pleases, however, if a missile is heading towards the states, the meeting may only last seconds as it’s imperative the president actions an immediate counterstrike.

Trump would then use his ‘biscuit’ card to authenticate his identity, the military will check it against sealed codes from the National Security Agency and then the attack is launched.

uss_anzio_cg_68_fires_a_tomahawk_missile_during_oifuss_anzio_cg_68_fires_a_tomahawk_missile_during_oifUS Navy, Larry S Talley

Nice and simple then.

Good to know….

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