Here’s Who Could Replace Nigel Farage As The Leader Of UKIP

Nigel Farage To Stand Down As UKIP LeaderGetty

Well, it’s official  – UKIP leader and red trouser enthusiast Nigel Farage has quit as leader of the right wing party after successfully pulling off the world’s least popular mic drop, ‘Brexit’.

Now the real fun begins though, as UKIP members begin to draw their knives and begin scheming to replace old Nige on his purple and yellow throne.

The majority of those looking to replace Farage may not be political heavyweights but bookies are already putting out odds on those with the clout to take a stab at leading the party.

Here’s the list and the bookies’ odds

Paul Nuttall – 9/4

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UKIP’s deputy leader Paul Nuttall, the MEP for the North West of England, is the most obvious contender for the top spot, being the party’s youngest chairman ever and youngest ever MEP.

However, Nuttall’s a bit liberal compared to the party leader, taking a slightly more leftist position on the NHS which may sour any potential bid.

That said, it’s believed he could be a valuable tool in pinching seats from Labour in the North of England.

Douglas Carswell – 7/4

Boris Johnson And Gisela Stuart Aboard The Leave Campaign BusDouglas Carswell is one of theese three holding the now hilariously ironic cheque - Getty

As shocking as it may sound considering how much press coverage they get, UKIP only has one MP, Douglas Carswell, who defected from the Tories back in 2014.

Unfortunately, ever since joining the party he’s been less than pleased with Farage, saying that they have ‘differing opinions’ – which is basically the political equivalent of calling someone an ‘absolute cunt’.

Carswell didn’t hide his glee at Farage’s resignation either, tweeting a ‘cool guy’ smiley face wearing sunglasses, to which Farage replied: “I’m pleased that he’s smiling, because that’s not something I’ve seen from him very often.”

Suzanne Evans – 9/4

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Ms Evans was a high profile UKIP member, serving as the deputy chairwoman and welfare spokesperson for the party. She even filled in for Farage when he briefly quit last year.

Unfortunately, she was suspended for disloyalty around three months ago and there’s confusion surrounding whether she can actually run for the leadership.

Steven Woolfe – 9/4


Woolfe is another MEP from the North West and serves as the UKIP Frontbench Spokesperson on Migration and Foreign Affairs, plus the Group Co-coordinator for the Europe of Freedom and Democracy on the EU Parliament and the Monetary Affairs Committee.

Woolfe could be a popular choice as a Farage loyalist who said after the resignation: “Nigel Farage has changed this country for the better. A great leader. We all owe him a great deal of thanks and gratitude.”

Diane James – 23/5

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James, 56, has political experience serving as a councillor on Waverley Borough Council until she lost her seat to the Tory party in May 2015.

Soon after the resignation she said: “Thanks and all good wishes to Nigel Farage for all his work in getting the UK to Brexit. Time for a holiday and a week deserved rest.”

Katie Hopkins – 100/1

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Dear God no…

Warm Sturdy Ale – 10,000/1


We wouldn’t put it past UKIP…

Okay, on paper, it seems like Paul Nutall’s got it in the bag but let’s not forget Nigel Farage has rage quit before, so we can’t rule out him coming back again like a really shitty mustard sock wearing zombie.

At time of writing, there are no betting odds on Farage being the man to take over from Farage though, sadly…