Here’s Who Just Topped Forbes’ List Of Highest Paid Celebrities

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Forbes annual top 100 highest paid celebrities has been released and the highest-earning star has been announced.

And haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate.

Taylor Swift has topped this year’s 100 list and has been crowned the highest-earning celebrity in the world.

Swift pulled in $170m (£129.4m) over the past year, even outpacing Katy Perry who was last year’s highest-paid musician.

And surprisingly, it’s not her publicity with Calvin Harris or more recently, Tom Hiddleston, that she can credit her success to. It’s her 1989 album, which sold more than 5 million units in the U.S. alone, and her star-studded world tour of the same name.

Swift is ahead of fellow chart-topping pop stars Adele at No. 9 with $80.5 million, One Direction at No. 2 with $110 million, Rihanna at No. 13 with $75 million and Katy Perry at No. 63 with $41 million, according to the list.


In the interest of pay inequality, the average income of an adult in the UK is £21,000 according to HM Treasury budget analysis. Basically, we’ll never see the money Taylor Swift made in one year in our entire lives, no matter how long or hard we work.

And according to Forbes, the world’s 100 highest-paid celebrities pulled in $5.1 billion pretax during their scoring period – that’s more than the entire GDP of Belize, Gambia and Bhutan combined.

If you didn’t feel bad before, you probably do now.