Here’s Why MPs Laughed Moments After They Voted To Bomb Syria


MPs have been criticised for bursting into laughter just moments after they voted in favour of bombing Syria.

The incident caused outrage on social media, when Commons Speaker John Bercow made a joke about a separate petition seconds after the Syria vote was announced.


While the vote was read out in silence to a packed House of Commons, the laughter was deemed inappropriate coming so soon after they’d voted in favour of airstrikes which will likely kill many innocent civilians as well as IS terrorists.

Here’s the moment the vote was read out:

And seconds later Mr Bercow continued by saying: “Order, we come now to the petition…”, making a joke about the possibility of more Parliamentary business after MPs had been at it all day, causing the House to burst into laughter.

The general reaction on Twitter was that whether or not they were actually laughing at the vote, to laugh moments after condemning people to death is a terrible thing to do.

You can see a full clip of Mr Bercow’s joke and MP’s laughter on The Independent.