Here’s Why Planes Are Always Painted White


Other than having two wings, landing gear and questionable-looking meals, commercial airplanes have one thing in common: They’re always white.


Wouldn’t it be cooler if when booking a flight, you could pick which airline had the most kickass design on its planes? Probably, but as it turns out, it wouldn’t be too safe.

From British Airways to Thai Airways, you’ll notice that planes are nearly always painted white, and there’s a pretty serious reason for it.

The white colour makes it easy to identify things like oil spills, cracks and any other malfunctions that may prevent getting you from point A to B safely.

It also makes planes easier to spot in the sky.

And as anyone who did high school physics would tell you, white reflects heat, so a brighter outside coating helps keep the plane cooler.

The issue of psychology also plays a part. White paint doesn’t fade. Who’d want to fly on a plane with a weathered exterior and faded paint? Not many.

Another reasoning behind the white aerial fleets is that white paint is generally cheaper and more readily available than other colours, Gizmodo reports. It’s also slightly lighter and easier for companies to apply their logos to.

But mostly, it’s to keep you safe.

The more you know.