You Might Spot A Policeman Pushing A Pram Trying To Stop Annoying Crime

by : Francesca Donovan on : 17 Aug 2017 09:25
Huw Wales/Hertfordshire Mercury

Police have a deviously genius secret weapon in their arsenal in their fight against drivers who continually block pavements for pedestrians.


Your local Bobby is taking to the streets armed with a pram as part of a crack-down initiated yesterday on motorists who continually – and illegally – block the pathways designated to keep pedestrians safe.

The officers will be pushing a pram down the pavement, and if they cannot get it past a vehicle they will be handing out fines, reports the Hertfordshire Mercury.

Huw Wales/Hertfordshire Mercury

Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald said:


It is about being sensible. The reason we are using a pram as a measure clearly illustrates the issue and we are trying to find a balance between the needs of everyone.

But what I can’t have is parents and buggies and disabled people being forced into the road and that is why we are using this tool.

You can watch Chief Inspector McDonald testing out the method in the clip below:

Not only does the method allow the police to fairly judge the parking of motorists and whether they are making the area unsafe for walkers, it also serves as a sombre reminder that innocent lives could be put at risk when people are forced to use roads instead of pavements.

They’ve clearly been taking a leaf out of my mum’s book, because there’s no way this clever little guilt trip won’t work.

Watch this space – and how much room you’ve left on the pavements, people!

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