Here’s Why You Should Never Make A Bomb Joke On A Plane

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Here’s why you should never joke about having a bomb on a plane – I thought that went without saying, but apparently not.


One holidaymaker could now face up to 15 years in jail after he suggested there was a bomb in his bag.

According to the Daily Mail, the incident happened on a domestic flight from Kupang to Jakarta in Indonesia on Boxing Day, when passenger Endang Hendri Susandi made a joke to one of the Batik Air flight attendants.

Security officers became suspicious of Susandi’s luggage, and found a bottle of insect spray inside – a banned item.

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He was allowed back on the plane, but as he went on board he said to a flight attendant: “If I carry a bomb that wouldn’t be allowed, right?”

The attendant told the pilot about the comment, who then alerted the police. Susandi was arrested and the plane was delayed for three-hours while it was searched for explosives – none were found in the end.

Unfortunately for Susandi, from Sukabumi, Indonesia, his inappropriate joke could land him with up to 15 years in prison if charged and convicted under Indonesia’s aviation law, Antara reported.

Police chief General Endang Sunjaya, told the news agency:

We hope this arrest can be a lesson: mentioning the word “bomb” on board a plane or in a public crowd can have legal consequences.

A bomb threat last April forced another Batik Air flight to make an emergency landing in Indonesia, although it was found to be a hoax.

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    'If I carry a bomb that wouldn't be allowed, right?' Passenger arrested after making 'joke' about explosive device to flight attendant