Here’s Why You Should Never Make A Bomb Joke On A Plane


It may seem pretty obvious, but making a joke about carrying a bomb onto a busy plane is just one of those things you should not do.

That message had not reached 23-year-old Pichit Boondaeng when he boarded a Lion Air flight destined for Hai Yai from Bangkok.

A member of the cabin crew offered to help Boondaeng stow his carry on luggage, to which he allegedly told her to ‘be careful’ as the case ‘may contain a bomb’.

Not a joke or threat cabin crew are in a position to take lightly, the captain was alerted and the flight duly cancelled.

Khaosod English

Boondaeng was arrested and told police he made the gag in a bid to flirt with the female air steward helping him. Well that backfired.

He now faces up to five years in jail, and Lion Air are reportedly suing him for one million baht (around £180,000) in damages for causing the cancellation.

Remarkably, it is not the first time this has happened to Lion Air. A naval officer was reported to have made the same joke on a separate flight.

Clearly these guys are all Ben Stiller fans.

So, just to make it absolutely clear, DO NOT JOKE ABOUT BOMBS ON PLANES.