Here’s Why You Should Never Use Washing Up Liquid On Your Chopping Board


If you’ve been using washing up liquid to clean your chopping board then stop right now, you may be putting your health at risk.

The reason being that washing up liquid may live up to its name when washing away grease and blobs of food but when it comes to tackling nasty germs it just doesn’t do the job.

This harmful bacteria can then be passed on from your chopping board to other surfaces in the kitchen and make people ill.


According to Sarah from Expert Home Tips washing up liquid doesn’t penetrate the cold surface of a chopping board or clean it thoroughly and believes instead that people should use bleach to clean their boards.

Sarah said:

Soaking chopping boards in bleach after every use will ensure they are properly sterile, thus preventing any risk of bacteria transfer.


So next time you’re using your chopping board don’t forget to sterilise it properly after use to stop yourself getting sick.

Bonus fact if you swap all the door handles in your house for brass door knobs they’ll self sterilise saving you valuable cleaning time.

Maybe you could get a brass chopping board so it self cleans?