Hero Biker Abandons Ride In Traffic To Hunt Bag Snatcher


A hero biker has gone viral after abandoning his bike on a busy road to hunt down a bag snatcher.

The footage which was captured on the motorcyclist’s helmet cam in Kiev, according to RT, shows the brave vigilante dodge traffic and jump a crash barrier in pursuit of the would-be criminal.

Check it out:

The thief doesn’t know it yet, but that smug smile is about to be wiped off his face.

Sensing the situation had become more trouble than it’s worth, the thief ditches the bag to ensure a getaway.

And, thankfully, bag and owner were soon reunited.

RT reported that social media users believe they have identified the thief online…


The motorcyclist was also named online as Vyacheslav Verkhogliad, although this is not officially confirmed.

Whoever it was, they fought the good fight!