Hero Bouncer Held Woman’s Hand For An Hour To Stop Her Jumping Off Bridge

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A bouncer clung on to a woman for more than an hour after she threatened to jump off a motorway bridge.

Michael Owen – not that one – held the woman’s hand and stayed with her, despite having broken his hand playing rugby.

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The 22-year-old was out with his girlfriend Jemma when he spotted the lady on the edge of the busy bridge in Chippenham. He told The Mirror:

We were driving over the bridge when my partner pointed out a woman standing on the other side of the bridge.

I immediately pulled over to try and slow down the traffic and to help her.

I got to her and started talking to her. She was clearly very upset, so I just talked about anything I could think of with her.

The 6ft 5in bouncer said the woman calmed down when she heard his Welsh accent.

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Two fire engines arrived shortly after, but Michael stayed with her as she was nervous about climbing down their ladder. He said:

We waited a good hour, because she was too frightened to go down a ladder, so they needed to bring out a second engine.

The police closed off the road and parked a lorry underneath the bridge, just in case she fell off.

Back home in South Wales Michael’s sister Sarah said the whole family were incredibly proud of his actions, saying she could ‘burst with pride’. She added: “He has an amazing personality and a huge heart, which is evident from his actions here.”

What a hero.