Hero Bouncer Who Saved People During London Attacks Describes Ordeal


An heroic bouncer who saved lives during the London Bridge terror attack has described his traumatising experience in an emotional interview.

Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Ozzie Gandaa revealed what it was like coming face-to-face with the three terrorists Saturday night, as well as returning to the scene.

Describing how he threw chairs and bar stools at the terrorists, Ozzie said:

Three guys were probably three metres away from me, and they just started stabbing one of my colleagues… [I was] just throwing chairs, throwing whatever we could find to kind of corner them off and get them focused on me other than other people.

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Ozzie also spoke about how his devoted mum reacted to his choice to stay and protect people:

She initially more or less started crying and wasn’t happy with the fact that I’ve put myself in that situation where I’ve got a young boy I’ve got to look after as well and she was more worried about me and my safety and my staff’s safety.

Ozzie went on to reveal that one of his friends, a bargirl, was stabbed in the attack, and that he wouldn’t be able to live with himself if she didn’t make it back or he ‘didn’t do more.’


He said he didn’t want her family to be blaming him for their daughter’s death had she perished.

Talking about the confrontation, he said:

Basically once they got a little bit closer to me I realised the severity of the situation. I saw the knives, that kind of didn’t scare me as much, I still felt I could do something, so I still proceeded to walk towards them. It was only when I looked down at one of the gentleman and I saw that he had what looked like to me was a bomb, so that’s when I decided I needed to get everyone who was capable of moving out of the area.

I had another security member with me and I just told him and anyone that was in the area to run, just to get away from the area. Because we’re right next to pubs and there’s a lot of flammable material and I didn’t want anything to happen, so I just moved everyone out of the area as quick as possible

Ozzie said the effect of the experience will no doubt stay with him for years to come.


He told Kate Garraway and Ben Shepherd:

It made me feel like a little bit of a different person now. I’m a strong person, I rarely run from things, it’s not in my nature to do it – it’s changed the way I kind of feel. I feel very paranoid going back to the place… I know it’s not going to happen again.

And the likelihood of it happening again in my lifetime again is more or less impossible, but in the back of my head it’s ‘is it going to happen again? Am I safe? Are my staff going to be safe? Are the people that I’m going to be working with going to be safe?

What a hero.