Hero Dad Pulls Son From Burning Wreck Of His Racing Car


A heroic father saved his son from a burning racing car after the driver lost control and crashed into the walls. 

Driver Mike Jones lost control of his car while racing at South Boston Speedway in Virginia. The driver’s car crashed into another before spinning out of control and slamming into the wall of the track.

Mike’s car burst into flames, and he was trapped for around 25 seconds inside as the engine burned.

Mike’s father, Dean Jones, witnessed the event, and wearing only a t-shirt and jeans, the heroic dad jumped over a fence and went to the car which held his son, beating even the safety team to the accident.

He managed to pull Mike through a window of the burning car and away from the wreckage, the crowd cheering as the driver walked free from harm.

Despite his son then being safe, Mike’s father returned to the car to try and help the track safety team put out the blaze.

Motor1 explain that one of the most dangerous things that can happen on a race track is for one of the cars to catch on fire. Fires can prevent the rescue team from getting close to the car to help the driver, and they spread quickly, meaning rescuers only have a few seconds to act if a car goes up in flames.

Mike reportedly removed his restraints following the crash while fuel from his car leaked onto the track, causing the fire to spread. Thankfully, it’s believed the fire was contained by the engine bay – if the fire had spread, Mike would have been in much more danger.

Mike remained unharmed from the accident, but it is reported that his father may face punishment from NASCAR for going on to the track and attempting to tackle the fire.

Michele Pirro, 31-year-old male from Italy, suffered a terrifying crash of his own when he was practising for the Italian Grand Prix at Mugello at the start of this month.

The motorcyclist approached the turn of the track at high speed and lost control of his bike. Nerve-wracking footage shows the back wheel of the bike rise off the floor, before the bike comes crashing to the ground.

Pirro was thrown from the bike, leaving viewers horrified as he flew through the air and hit the ground with such force that he continued to roll along the floor.

Incredibly, Pirro reportedly regained consciousness and was talking as he was being treated.

Ducati sporting director Paolo Ciabatti spoke to Spanish TV channel Movistar about the accident, explaining that the rider still had full use of his arms and legs. 

I spoke a few minutes ago with Davide Tardozzi, who is in the medical centre. Apparently the situation is less serious than it looked before.

Michele recognises people and can talk. He doesn’t remember anything.

Pirro was taken to hospital after the accident to be checked out.

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