Hero Dog Saves Woman From Brutal Knife Attack By Violent Ex-Boyfriend

by : Tom Percival on : 22 Dec 2015 10:04
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A brave dog who saved her owner’s mother’s life from an armed attacker is being remembered as a hero.

Lucy, a six year old pit bull, died this Saturday after being stabbed in the neck. The dog had been protecting Lisa Potts from her ex-boyfriend, Walter Williams, when he tried to attack Ms Potts with a knife.


Ms Potts who cared for the dog in its final moments, said: “I’m about to break down in tears now, my heart is heavy cause I hate that happened to her… I was calling her name, comforting her, rubbing her head, making sure she was still alert.”

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She claims that when she came home on Friday, she found Williams inside waiting for her. An argument broke out. Potts says Williams started hitting her, then pulled out a knife but Lucy came to the rescue.


Ms Pott’s explained:

Lucy lunged at him and once she lunged at him he caught her in the neck, and once he caught her in the neck she just went to biting him, she was still fighting… Once I got her downstairs I just asked someone for a towel and applied much pressure as I could to it to try to save her life, but she was a fighter and she did good, she really did. If it wasn’t for her, you know he could’ve probably stabbed all of us.

Unfortunately, Lucy lost a lot of blood in the attack and died the next day after going into cardiac arrest. In an interview with Wink News, Ms Potts sobbed: “He didn’t have to do that, she was just protecting her family.”

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Williams was taken into custody by police. He’s currently in jail on a battery charge. Investigators said there may be additional charges.

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Lucy’s owners now say they’re thinking of holding a memorial service in her honour. Ms Potts says, “She’ll be missed.”

NowThis have produced a short package on the poor dogs death. Watch below.


Hero Dog Is Killed Protecting Her FamilyThis woman is alive today because her dog died protecting her

Posted by NowThis on Monday, 21 December 2015

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