Hero Dogs Wore Shoes For Protection Before Entering Grenfell Tower


The hero dogs may look cute in their little fire shoes – but they have an important role in the search operation at Grenfell Tower.

The specially-trained pooches are assisting in the ‘slow and painful’ search process because they are ‘lighter than humans and can cover areas more challenging to access’, especially on the top floors.

Throughout Friday, six fire engines and 35 firefighters and officers were at the scene of Grenfell Tower, which was the scene of a deadly fire on Wednesday.

Around 70 people are reportedly missing and police have confirmed at least 30 people have died – with that figure expected to rise as the searches continue.

The dogs will continue to help and just like firefighters are given specialist equipment, they’re given little boots to protect their feet from ‘heat, glass and other sharp objects’, according to the Metro.


Although they have incredibly dangerous roles, the London Fire Brigade says there have been no report of injury to any fire dog while working in the UK.

Fire investigation dogs are trained to identify a ignitable substances and their sense of smell is often more accurate than specifically designed technology – they can even help determine whether a fire has been started deliberately, the Metro states.