Hero Floors Thug In Single Punch For Attacking Woman



A thug who punched a woman at a bus stop got some immediate karma after a passing have-a-go hero floored him with a single right hook. 

In dramatic footage, that The Sun report comes from Russia, a man storms across a busy main road before punching the woman as she chats with a friend.

The woman collapses into a bus shelter but the brute follows the woman, grabbing her head and throwing her about.


Fortunately for the poor woman a brave man jumped off the bus and confronted her violent attacker.

Without missing a beat he delivers a brutal right hook knocking the man on his arse and allowing his victim to escape.

The heroic bus passenger wasn’t done yet though and seemed to lecture the troublemaker.


The video’s gone viral after being shared on VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook with one viewer saying: “I’d buy this man a beer if I could. Nice to see people step up.”

Let’s hope that the idiotic attacker learned his lesson!