Hero Grandfather Leaps In Front Of Speeding Train To Save Baby Girl


A heroic grandfather risked his life by jumping into the path of a speeding freight train to save his granddaughter.

CCTV footage has emerged of the dramatic moment at Wentworthville station in Sydney, Australia when the man’s 18-month-old grandchild’s buggy rolled away from him and crashed face-first onto the train tracks.

Immediately leaping into action, the 62-year-old ran and jumped onto the tracks, lifting the child and stroller onto the platform to her mother and grandmother, as a train raced towards him.


The man was unable to climb back up onto the platform himself so, as the train sounded its horn in warning, he sprinted for his life down the tracks.

Thankfully, he made it to the top of the platform and out of the way of the train, with seconds to spare.

Speaking to Nine News, acting inspector Paul Reynolds, said:

Baby – very lucky. Grandfather – just as lucky!