Hero Imam Who Protected Mosque Attack Suspect Speaks Out

Sky News / PA

In the early hours of this morning, a white man drove a rented van into crowds of Muslim men, women, and children as they departed their Mosque after late-night prayers.

One man died at the scene and eight others are receiving treatment in hospital for their injuries.

In the immediate aftermath of the ‘attack’, which is being treated as terror related, police rushed to Finsbury Park and arrested a 48-year-old man, reports The Independent.

However before police could get there dozens of brave civilians forced the suspect out of the van with many of them ready to beat him senseless – but before they could, a Muslim Imam intervened and protected the suspect from being harmed.

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Now think about that for a moment. A man has, seemingly intentionally, driven a van into crowds of Muslims of every age and gender – killing one of them – and this heroic Imam did all he could to protect him. That is one serious testament of faith and morals.

Shortly afterwards the Imam was revealed as Mohammed Mahmoud.

Speaking next to a police cordon this afternoon, Mohammed said:

We found that a group of people quickly started to collect around the assailant and some tried to hit him with either kicks or punches.

By God’s grace we managed to surround him and to protect him from any harm. We stopped all forms of attack and abuse towards him that were coming from every angle.

We pushed people away from him until he was safely taken by police into custody.

He added:

It wasn’t me alone; there were a group of brothers…who were calm and collected and managed to calm people down and to extinguish any flames of anger or mob rule that would have taken charge had this group of mature brothers not stepped in.

The world needs more people like Mohammed Mahmoud.