Hero KOs Aggressive Subway Commuter With Chokehold



As a commuter myself I spend around two hours a day on trains and more often than you’d imagine, something kicks off. 

It’s usually the messy end result of one too many drinks, but it’s always a pain.

I imagine the same sort of thing happened in the video above, as a shirtless passenger parades up and down the carriages harassing people on the Los Angeles subway – absolutely off his tits on testosterone (and probably some other stuff too).

According to The Telegraph, it’s thought that some guy called the bare-skinned thug a ‘weirdo’, but the facts all seem a tad shady.

fightYouTube / FromRussiaWithLols

The only thing that’s certain is that the shirtless dude is definitely about to lash out at someone, anyone…

Until… ‘Viking Guy’ comes onto the scene.

When Viking Guy, (real name, Adrian Kaczmarek) realised enough was enough, he came out of the abyss of nervous commuters and gripped the aggressor, forcing him into a chokehold, which looks absolutely impossible to break out of.

If that wasn’t enough, he chokes the shirtless guy to such an extent that he drops like a weightless feather to the carriage floor. Viking Guy then stands on his chest ordering him to ‘stay down’.

fight 2YouTube / FromRussiaWithLols

Speaking to NBC, Adrian said:

I finally saw it escalating to the point where he was getting physical and people are getting pushed around. The whole thing is about to explode. I thought the best thing to do was go over there and subdue him.

Adrian has since been hailed a hero after his intervention was caught on video and posted on YouTube. Now his actions have been seen over a million times.

Adrian, we salute you.