Hero Lad, 16, Rescues Neighbour From Burning House, Returns For Cat

Dominic Salter/MEN

A hero teenager risked his life when he rushed into his neighbour’s smoke-filled house to rescue a pensioner – then returned to save his cat.

Charlie Ainsworth, 16, found the family friend wandering disorientated around his kitchen in Stockport after a chip pan set alight on Saturday night. After leading the 76-year-old outside to safety, Charlie rushed back into the house to rescue the man’s black cat, Sweep.

Charlie – who is head boy at Werneth School in Stockport – said he didn’t even have time to think before diving into his neighbour’s house.


He told the Manchester Evening News:

I walked in and saw my neighbour walking through the kitchen disoriented and confused. We got out and waited for the fire brigade. When I managed to get him out of the house I suddenly remembered about the cat, so I had to go back in the house and find him, grab him and get him outside.

The pensioner suffered smoke inhalation but is now recovering at home. Charlie’s mum Diane has praised her son, who is currently studying for his GCSE mock exams, however he has also ben commended by the local fire service.


Watch officer Steve Johnston, at Offerton fire station, praised Charlie saying:

This young man has acted quickly and bravely. Our advice is always to get out, call us out and stay out but there are times when people’s gut reactions take over and they take action themselves. This is extremely brave and the facts are he has potentially saved his life.

However, it seems that Charlie is both brave and modest, playing down his actions:

I expect most people would have done the same thing if they could have. If I hadn’t helped I don’t know what would have happened. I just did anything I could to help.