Hero Police Officer Risks His Life Saving Suicidal Woman Who Jumped Off Bridge


A police officer in London has saved the life of a woman who tried to leap from a bridge into icy cold waters.

PC Fab Ahmed saw the woman standing precariously on the wrong side of the railings on a bridge in Kingston, and set about trying to talk her down.

Words did not prove enough and the woman did attempt to leap away from the structure, but the agile officer managed to grab hold of her.

The danger was far from over, however, as her weight dragged the copper over the top of the railing and placed him in a life threatening position also.

As they plunged towards the water two more officers and a firefighter arrived on the scene, grabbing hold of Fab’s ankle at the last pivotal second, before dragging the pair to safety.

Following his heroics, the PC said:

I was running through in my head what I was going to do next. I knew I had a major fight on my hands to stay alive and do my best to help the lady when we both hit the water.

It was at this point I felt someone grab hold of my ankles just as I was going past the point of no return. This stopped myself and the lady from continuing our journey into the river.”

Pc Ahmed has also drawn the praise of superiors following his bravery.

Metropolitan Police Acting Superintendent Claire Moxon said:

There is no doubt about it, Pc Ahmed put his life in extreme danger to save this young lady.

If the officers and the fire fighters hadn’t taken the actions they did I am sure there would have been another very different ending to this event.

Everyone at the incident displayed the true core values of the Metropolitan Police.

I am extremely honoured and proud to say they are a part of my team.

What an absolute hero.