Some Hero Has Uncompressed The Soundtrack For Goldeneye On Nintendo 64


The absolute heroes at YouTube channel Video Game Tracks have uncompressed the soundtrack for Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 and it sounds phenomenal.

Back in the day, practice was that all sound files had to be heavily compressed in order to fit on the plastic cartridges of yesteryear. Nowadays we can have an entire orchestra in a couple of gigabytes and nobody blinks an eyelid.


Goldeneye was a game that stuck with a lot of us, not only because of the incredible multiplayer and graphics but also because of the unforgettable soundtrack. It was a James Bond game after all. Now, thanks to YouTubers Video Game Tracks, we get to hear the soundtrack uncompressed and it’s just awesome. Skip to 4.58 for Frigate, arguably the best level/ music on the game. Turn your speakers up and get nostalgic to this one.