Hero Who Fought Tube Knife Attacker Slams People Who Just Stood By Filming

Kerry DaviesDaily MailKerry Davies/Daily Mail

An engineer who fought with the knife-wielding attacker at Leytonstone Tube station on the weekend has spoken out.

David Pethers has condemned onlookers at the station who just stood there and recorded the attack on their phones.

The 33-year-old tackled the attacker – who was allegedly shouting ‘This is for Syria’ – with the help of another commuter, but he says most people just stood back and recorded instead of helping restrain the knifeman.

kKerry Davies/Daily Mail

Mr Pethers the Daily Mail: “There were other adult men standing there, just filming it on their phones. There were so many opportunities where someone could have grabbed him.”

He was slashed in the neck as he attempted to stop the suspect, but still managed to contain him until police arrived.

Mr Pethers said:

… as I got to the ticket office there was a pool of blood on the floor and a guy with a knife going mad. Basically, the scene I walked into was the guy lying on the floor, blood everywhere, and this guy shouting and that is when I tried to get everyone out of the station.

There was a guy with a rucksack saying “Calm down, let’s talk about this” and I saw this guy was going to go for him. Basically, we kind of contained him in the main ticket area. He kind of went for me and I went for him and he cut my neck.

I was dragged away, I was bleeding from the neck. I know it sounds crazy but I went back to have another go. Then the police turned up. They fired four Tasers and then they contained the situation from there.


What a hero!