Heroic Biker Who Tried To Stop Nice Attacker Speaks Out

France Truck AttackPA Images

A heroic motorcyclist who tried to stop Mohamed Bouhlel, the maniac who drove a truck down a packed Nice promenade, has spoken out about his attempt to stop the truck.

Without thought for his own safety, Alexander Migues drove his bike alongside Bouhel’s enormous 19 tonne truck on the night of the attack.

He then leapt onto the truck and tried to open the door several times as it drove down the busy street, The Daily Mail reports.

3664AD1C00000578-0-image-m-8_1468868290528Nice Matin

Speaking to Nice Matin, Migues said:

I saw the truck rise [over the median strip] and run over a lady

He was on the sidewalk and then he returned to the road and he tried to run me over too

It was instinctive, I cannot even explain how I managed to go chasing a truck. When I saw that he was really determined, I tried something.

Despite his bravery, Migues was forced to abandon his attempt when the terrorist pulled a gun on him.

Migues has now been hailed as a hero for slowing the truck down enough for another brave motorcyclist to throw his scooter under the lorry’s wheels.

Since his experience on the promenade Migues has been suffering from nightmares and didn’t sleep for the first 36 hours after the attack.


He also regrets being unable to hold onto the truck longer and wishes he could have slowed the truck down enough to allow more innocent victims to escape.

The attack took place last Thursday on Bastille Day and claimed the lives of 84 innocent people while over 300 more were wounded.

Despite ISIS claiming credit for the attack, there have been no links between the group and Bouhel.