Heroic Sikh Men Used Turbans As Rope To Save Four Boys



Four youths almost drowned in a canal until two Sikh men used their turbans as a rope to pull the boys out. It happened during a religious ceremony in the Punjab region of northern India. 

Inderpal Singh unravelled his turban and threw it out as a life line to four teenagers stuck in gushing water in a canal.

The four youngsters, aged 18-25, had entered the canal to submerge a Ganesha idol when a wave of water came barreling towards them.

“I had no time to think and quickly removed my turban and threw it at the drowning boys and pulled them in,” Mr Singh said. Another Sikh man, Kanwaljit Singh, followed suit and also tossed his turban in the water as if it were a rope.

“My immediate reaction was to jump into the canal and try to save them. But I cannot swim. So I removed my turban and used it to save the boys,” Kanwaljit Sing said.

The boys have praised their saviours for their bravery.


Despite the fact it is a doctrine of Sikkhism that one can only remove their turbans at home, while bathing, we hope these lads can have a bit of leeway on that rule. These were extenuating circumstances to say the least.

The scenario is reminiscent of another time a turban came in handy during an emergency, which was in May in South Auckland, New Zealand. Harman Singh, 22-years-old, used his turban to help a boy whose head was bleeding after being hit by a car.

Local folks were so happy with Harman’s turban innovation they donated furniture and plastic garden chairs to his student pad.


Footage from the northern India incident is below. It’s great all the boys managed to get out alive!