Hidden Camera Live Streams ‘Best Ever’ Footage Of Bigfoot


New footage has emerged which definitely, finally confirms the existence of Bigfoot – or maybe not.

Or is that definitely not? The latest images of the mythical creature were captured on the periphery of a live stream set up to film an eagle’s nest reports the Daily Star.

In the footage you can see the eagle chicks in the nest before a large black humanoid figure appears on the forest floor.

It clambers about in the undergrowth for a few seconds before disappearing out of sight leaving all but the most cynical of us convinced that Bigfoot has just been captured on film it’s just a bloke pissing about in the woods.

Scientists have discredited the existence of Bigfoot for years, attributing its reputation to folklore and hoax rather than empirical evidence.

However, the footage, which was reportedly shot in a remote area of Michigan apparently has some people convinced the creature is real.

bigfootYouTube/Outdoor Hub

One person commented:

When it pauses at first it looks around for a moment – this is characteristic of animals that are nervous and cautious.

And then there is the stride, this figure moves very quickly and purposefully. It looks at home in the woods. No human can move that quickly through the forest downhill without falling on their face.

I’m not convinced they were watching the same footage to be honest…

Personally, I’m more inclined to agree with this guy:

Thank goodness it’s another blurred-out, pixel-zoomed blob. Otherwise, we might be able to discern the brand of gorilla suit.

Reported sightings of Bigfoot go back hundreds of years, with the legend stretching back to Native American folklore, but I guess we’ll just have to keep waiting for some actual proof…