Hideo Kojima Breaks Silence On Metal Gear Survive

by : Ewan Moore on : 19 Sep 2016 09:40

3110839-mgs_gc_063110839-mgs_gc_06Metal Gear Survive is the first in the series without creator Hideo Kojima at the helm, and you can’t help but wonder what the man himself makes of the unconventional new title. 

Well, wonder no more. Kojima has responded to Konami’s multiplayer stealth adventure (with zombies) and surprise surprise – he isn’t impressed.


According to IGN, Kojima was quick to distance himself from the game when asked if the idea for Survive was in any way his, saying ‘that’s nothing to do with me!’.

He also hastened to call out the idea of using zombies:

The Metal Gear games are about political fiction and espionage. Where do zombies fit in with that?


I guess we’re just gonna ignore the psychic assassin and vampire then Kojima? Metal Gear has always been weird – but I guess now it’s not that unique brand of Kojima weird.


Konami announced Metal Gear Survive to a relatively lukewarm reception during Gamescom in August, coming to coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017.

This new adventure takes place just after Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes, and sees the Mother Base (along with a number of guards) sucked into a wormhole.

Working together, players must survive against all manner of weird and wonderful threats in alternate dimensions and timelines – Check out 15 minutes of Metal Gear Survive in action below, fresh from TGS.

For their part, Konami don’t intend to charge a full £50 for this one, and expect it to be available for somewhere in the region of £20.

Somewhere out there, Hideo Kojima chuckles darkly to himself and continues work on Death Stranding. 

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