High-Powered Bed Will Prevent You From Ever Hitting Snooze Again

Colin Furze/YouTube

After a long weekend it can be hard to willingly get yourself out of bed and face the world, but this invention may just change that.

Clearly appreciating their consumer, Taylors of Harrogate Coffee has teamed up with YouTuber Colin Furze to invent the ‘High Voltage Ejector Bed’.

When the alarm is activated a fanfare of sirens and air horns blast through the room, and as Furze proves, if that isn’t enough to wake you up, a pneumatic springboard action will take care of the rest.

It can provide a gentle but steep incline to slide you into your favourite pair of trousers, or hurtle you into a wall, the choice is yours as the pressure can be altered in keeping with your own personal requirements.

I think I may be tempted to stick with being five minutes late and having a coffee instead.

If you are a budding engineer and want to check out just how Furze produced his high powered wake up call check out the video below.

I reckon the creators of Wallace and Gromit may have a claim over the intellectual property that inspired this invention!