High School Student Beaten Up By School ‘Safety’ Coordinator For Filming Fight

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A high school student in North Carolina has been suspended (and beaten up by a teacher) for filming a free-for-all fist fight in a school hall.

If that doesn’t sound crazy already – wait until you watch the video.

In what looks like a teacher vs student version of the Hunger Games, a group of kids are throwing punches at one another while teachers pull at them and pin them to the ground.

According to the Daily Mail, Deanthonie Taylor pulled out his phone and started filming the brawl at Pine Forest High School. This is when shit got crazy real quick!

Ricky O’Briant – the school safety coordinator (ironic, no?) – walked up to Taylor, grabbed him by the shirt and threw him to the ground.

Apparently, O’Briant shouted at the 15-year-old to stop filming, and when he didn’t, he came over to stop it himself.

Speaking to WFLA-TV, he said:

I didn’t even hear him. He pointed at me and said something, and I didn’t hear what he said, and then he came up and grabbed my phone.

A second student ended up filming the whole thing, and it’s a pretty violent reaction for someone whose job is to keep the school safe. And, apparently, the police are now involved.


David Culbreth, the Pine Forest High School principal, says the video is just a snapshot of a much larger incident.

He added:

That’s why we wanted to do a thorough investigation and contacted and turned it over to police to let them investigate the incident fully.

No charges have been placed on O’Briant yet – but Taylor has been suspended.

It all sounds a little backwards to me.