‘Highly Intelligent’ Drug Dealer Hid Kinder Egg Up His Bum For Festival

Kinder Egg drug dealerGreater Manchester Police/Wikimedia

A ‘highly intelligent’ drug dealer hid a Kinder Egg up his bum for Manchester’s Parklife festival. 


‘Highly intelligent’ and ‘Kinder Egg up his bum’ might not be two phrases you’d ordinarily put together in a sentence, and you’ll probably never see it happen again, so just embrace it while it’s happening, I guess.

Just to be clear, there were items inside the egg – the culprit didn’t get confused and think the chocolate treat was illegal (like it was in the US for a while) and decided to smuggle it inside his body just so he’d be able to enjoy the treat when his energy levels dropped.

kinder surprise eggsPixabay

No. In fact, Dominic Lundon had two yellow tablets and a further 48 tablets hidden in a bag inside the yellow pod of the Kinder Egg, which he’d pushed up into his anal cavity to avoid them being discovered, Manchester Evening News reports.

Lundon, who’d been previously named ‘apprentice of the year’ by his employer, travelled to the festival last summer with eight of his friends.

The 21-year-old’s stash was discovered during a stop and search and was consequently arrested. He claimed the drugs were for himself, but texts going back as far as one month on his phone revealed conversations about drug dealing at Parklife.

Lundon appeared at Manchester Crown Court, where prosecutor David Lees expanded on the telling text conversations, saying:


At one point he complains about the cost of the coach fair, but is reassured he will make it back.

Defending, Carmel Wilde stated at Lundon’s trial, his intent to deal drugs was ‘very out of character’.

She added how the 21-year-old didn’t initially tell his mother – who works as a drug support worker – about what happened.

When he did, his mother was said to be in a state of ‘absolute shock’, though admitted it ‘made sense’ as her son’s behaviour had changed during the run up to the festival.


The court heard how Lundon had started binging on drink and drugs as a way of coping following the death of his father in 2014. However, after his arrest at Parklife, it’s reported he’s become drug free.

Despite the change of character Judge Michael Leeming explained a deterrent sentence was needed for Lundon as selling drugs at a large festival was an aggravating factor.

The judge said:

You are a young man of immense talent, highly intelligent and well thought of by those who know you well.

This was a series of poor decisions made by you over a period of a few weeks. This is not isolated but planned offending, as those texts plainly demonstrate.

Your family are in complete shock that you behaved in this particular way. You have only got yourself to blame for putting yourself in this position.

Lundon pleaded guilty to his charge of possessing MDMA with intent to supply, and has been sentenced to two years and seven months behind bars.

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