Hilarious Video Shows Chef Busted Doing Coke Live On Morning TV

by : UNILAD on : 20 Jan 2016 15:30

It can be a bitch to wake up early for work, but most people turn to coffee for help. Not this guy.


A chef was caught cutting himself what appears to be a line of cocaine live on morning TV in Slovakia.

The camera suddenly switches from the scene of a sofa interview over to a kitchen where an upcoming cooking segment is being prepared.

The chef is busy preparing something else though, seemingly getting a line ready with a bank note already rolled.


That face when he spots the camera is priceless!

The incident was recorded on the Teleráno show which is broadcast by a channel called Markiza.

A spokesman for the channel has since tried to suggest it was all one big, hideously inappropriate joke.

The Huffington Post reported them as saying:

We consider this a totally inappropriate joke that does not have (any place on our network), There will be consequences.

So they didn’t see the funny side then?

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