Hilarious Video Shows Chef Busted Doing Coke Live On Morning TV


It can be a bitch to wake up early for work, but most people turn to coffee for help. Not this guy.

A chef was caught cutting himself what appears to be a line of cocaine live on morning TV in Slovakia.

The camera suddenly switches from the scene of a sofa interview over to a kitchen where an upcoming cooking segment is being prepared.

The chef is busy preparing something else though, seemingly getting a line ready with a bank note already rolled.

That face when he spots the camera is priceless!

The incident was recorded on the TelerĂ¡no show which is broadcast by a channel called Markiza.

A spokesman for the channel has since tried to suggest it was all one big, hideously inappropriate joke.

The Huffington Post reported them as saying:

We consider this a totally inappropriate joke that does not have (any place on our network), There will be consequences.

So they didn’t see the funny side then?


Kieron Curtis

An NCTJ Journalist with an MA in Sports Journalism, Kieron is an experienced social media journalist who has worked in the industry since 2015. His experience includes work with ITN, the MEN, WISH/WIRE/TOWER FM, and 8:50 Sports Digest... not forgetting his time at ASDA.