Hilariously Brutal Video Shows Which Assassin’s Creed Character Is The Best


We’ve all been there. Sat around with your mates trying to discover which of the Assassin’s Creed assassins is the best, when everything breaks out into a bloody fight to the death. Memories.

YouTube channel RackaRacka have, as usual, taken it one step further in their latest video, which features all your favourite assassins beating the snot out of each other in typically grizzly fashion.

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The RackaRacka boys are no strangers to bloodthirsty videos, and churn out gory real-life video game fights like it ain’t no thing. Their real-life Mortal Kombat fatalities is testament to that.

The video shows Edward, Ezio, Connor and Arno duking it out with swords, pistols, hidden blades and mini-crossbows, as the guys fucking ruin their house.