Hillary Clinton Tries Reading Awkward Donald Trump Quotes With Straight Face

clinton1Jimmy Kimmel Show

America is busy deciding if it wants a career politician or TV show host to take power in the Oval Office, and as the race heats up, Hillary Clinton has appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

To highlight how ridiculous some of the bile that comes out of Trump’s mouth is, Kimmel put Clinton on the spot to see if the words gained any greater credibility when spoken by her.

Spoiler: they didn’t.

These quotes are absolutely legit things Trump has said…

First the bowl of quotes was presented, still sporting its own natural Republican hair, and don’t you dare suggest otherwise…


There was Trump’s take on ‘sorry not sorry’.


Trump was so influential in smashing the glass ceiling that he managed to take away the accomplishment from women altogether…


He really is a people person is old Donald.


And Hillary couldn’t even bear to read this one. Coincidentally, Trump is a big Game of Thrones fan…


It has to be said that the Democrat certainly doesn’t strike me as an out and out comedian, but then again, that’s hardly top of the list in desirable presidential qualities…