Hillary Recorded ‘Discussing Election Fixing Plans’ In Leaked Tape

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Just days before the second presidential debate, Donald Trump got royally fucked by the gigantic cock of the past when a 2005 video of him spurting out vile slurry about ‘grabbing em by the pussy’ was leaked to the ears of the world. 


But now, something perhaps even more damning has been dished out to the gaping ears of planet Earth, and this time – it’s on the other side of the debate, according to The Observer.

Enter Hillary Clinton, circa 2006.

In this interview with editor and staff writer of The Jewish Press, Eli Chomsky, the then senator, Clinton, can be heard arguing that the U.S. should have manipulated the Palestinian parliamentary elections to ensure Hamas didn’t win. ‘Democratic’ candidate right there.


In the short clip, Clinton can be clearly heard saying:

I do not think we should have pushed for an election in the Palestinian territories. I think that was a big mistake. And if we were going to push for an election, then we should have made sure that we did something to determine who was going to win.

The interview took place on September 5, 2006, just months after the Hamas movement claimed 76 seats out of the 132 available.


Hamas is considered a terrorist organisation in the U.S. due to its main goal being to take back Palestinian territories from the Israeli occupation.

The U.S. thus refused to work with Palestinian authorities due to Hamas being in control.

Weirdly, about the same time as Clinton claimed the election should’ve been rigged by the U.S. then-President George W. Bush spoke of the elections as depicting the ‘power of democracy‘. 



The tape was handed to The Observer by Chomsky who admitted it was the only solid copy of the tape anywhere in the world.

He said:

Anyone could support the idea — offered by a national political leader, no less — that the US should be in the business of fixing foreign elections.


So now what we have on our hands is a presidential election in 10 days and one candidate who thinks it’s okay to grab women ‘by the pussy’, refuses to publish his tax returns, and is considering banning an entire religion from America.

The other candidate is being investigated by the FBI, lies prolifically, and wants elections, outside of the U.S., to be rigged.

America, you fucked up.

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