History Textbook Removed From Circulation Over ‘Inappropriate’ Native Americans Question

by : Poppy Bilderbeck on : 24 Oct 2021 16:22
History Textbook Removed From Circulation Over 'Inappropriate' Native Americans QuestionAQA

After an ‘inappropriate’ question about Native Americans left a teacher ‘absolutely horrified’, a history textbook has been removed from circulation. 

The book, titled USA 1865-1975: The Making of a Superpower, asked a question about A-Level students’ views on the treatment of Native Americans.


After tutor Hannah Wilkinson saw the question, she took to Twitter to express her concern.

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According to the photograph of the textbook shared by Wilkinson, students were asked: ‘To what extent do you believe the treatment of Native Americans has been exaggerated?’

The question was accompanied by a drawing of a pair of scales, with one side asking them to weigh up the ‘criticisms of treatment of Native Americans’ and the other, a ‘defence of the treatment of Native Americans’.


Wilkinson stated: 

I do some history mentoring and while prepping for tomorrow’s session I have some questions for you @AQA.

In what world is this an acceptable question/ exercise to ask students to complete on the history of Native Americans in late 1800s US? Actually horrified.

The AQA/Hodder textbook has since been withdrawn by the publisher, The Independent reports.


Native Americans ‘Fighting To Be Heard’ As Gabby Petito Media Coverage Sparks Debate

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Hodder Education ‘agree[d]’ that the content was ‘inappropriate’ and confirmed it would be removed from sale. It concluded that a ‘thorough review of the content’ would be conducted by subject experts.

AQA also responded to confirm Hodder’s decision, stating the two organisations would be ‘working together with publishers to ensure that new and updated editions of AQA-approved textbooks meet [their] commitment to EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion)’.

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