Hitman Recreated As A Real Life Game Looks Incredible


We all love Hitman, but if you’ve ever wanted to take your bloodlust one step further by getting to control an assassin as he hunts his target in the real world, IO Interactive have you covered. 

The developer behind Hitman has partnered with production company Realm Pictures (who put together an amazing Chatroulette FPS last year) to create a scenario that places the player in a typical Hitman level – only with real locations and actors.

Each team had one hour to disable the alarms, assassinate their target and get out alive. In a terrifying turn of events, Realm Pictures managed to prepare for all manner of scenarios, including cutting off a guard’s finger to bypass security.

Unfortunately, the game was for invite only contestants, so don’t expect to get a go on this yourself any time soon.

Still, we can content ourselves by watching the video and pretending we were there. It’s super authentic looking, with the third person perspective emulated flawlessly – actor David Bateson was even brought on to reprise his role as Agent 47 as he spoke to the players through the line.

It’s funny (but also kind of chilling) to see how quickly the players adapt to their new job as overseer of an assassination. They’re downright relishing the chance to do some grisly murders as they gleefully give orders to the onscreen hitman- Check it out for yourself below.

In a behind the scenes video, Director David M Reynolds explained that there were in fact five different ways to infiltrate the building and 10 different ways to get to the target. Just like the games – spot on.