Hodor From Game Of Thrones Drops His Own EDM Track And It’s Actually Pretty Great


Many will know him as Hodor from Game Of Thrones, but Kristian Nairn is also an accomplished DJ, and his new track is really pretty good.

Kristian has been DJing and remixing other peoples tracks for years now; long before he became a household name as the the loveable giant Hodor. A couple of weeks back, we saw him release his first ever single,”Up (Club Remix) feat. Leanne Robinson” on his soundcloud page, with the club-ready track creeping up on a quarter of a million plays at time of press.


He’s followed the début up with “Beacon”, an EDM inspired track that would slot in perfectly on the Ibiza club scene. He’ll be reuniting with his Game of Thrones mates soon for next season’s shooting (assuming he doesn’t get killed off that is) but it’s likely we can expect more tracks from Kristian and maybe even an album in the near future.

Hodor indeed.