Holly And Phil Pull Hilarious Hangover Prank After NTA Win


Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby pulled a prank on This Morning viewers by pretending not to have turned up to work.

This time last year, the pair turned up to work still wearing their clothes from the night before, after staying up all night at the National Television Awards – so this year, the channel made out as though it had happened again.

Phil and Holly were celebrating last night (Tuesday, January 23) after another win at the NTA’s.


They took home the award for ‘Best Daytime Show’, which This Morning has won every year for the past 13 years.

As the programme started, a message was displayed on the screen saying: ‘We’re sorry for the disruption. Our presenters haven’t turned up. We’re working hard to fix the issue.’

After a few moments, Holly and Phil burst through the message clutching their award and looking much more fresh-faced than last year!


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Before the show, Holly posted a photo of her eating a slice of pizza for breakfast, which goes to show the kind of night that was had.

Phil was keeping his Snapchat followers in check with his morning, posting a video of himself in a cab, presumably on the way to work, with the caption: ‘Ow.’


He also pointed out how ‘seriously’ Holly was taking work today…


Viewers tuning in to see the state the pair were in were pointing out how ‘drunk’ and/or ‘hungover’ Phil seemed.

However, it looks like their prank was pulled off:


Last year, Holly told audiences while on air – wearing a stained dress:

I haven’t been home yet, I came straight here.

We’re a proper mess. But thank you for voting for us to win. We celebrated on behalf of each and every one of you.

However, this isn’t the first time they’ve been guilty of overindulging the night before they have to go to work the next morning.

The pair appeared in a similar state four years ago, with the programme coming on air to a silent, empty studio – before Holly emerged from underneath a blanket on the floor.


Phil then popped up from behind the sofa and told her they had to get through it, no matter how bad the hangover was.

She teased:

Is it, is it that time? Can we do it, but do it really quietly? And can I keep this blanket?

Sounds like the best job ever!