Holly Willoughby And Philip Schofield Got Wrecked At The NTAs


Thank you…. and… good night @schofe … you are the bestest! xxx❤❤❤

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Winning Best Live Magazine Show for the twelfth year deserves an epic celebration, and Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield definitely didn’t hold back.

Repeating history, This Morning’s dynamic duo were up until the early hours partying hard.

After last year’s celebrations saw the couple hosting This Morning on no sleep and still wearing last night’s clothes, it wasn’t entirely surprising to see the two show up to work still, well, wrecked.

Holly shared a photo online at around 4am, showing her and co-host Phillip drinking to celebrate their National Television Awards win. Her caption read: “Thank you… and… good night @schofe. You are the bestest!”

And while the hosts’ Instagram and Twitter seemed to be rather bare the rest of the night, luckily for everyone wanting to follow their drunken antics, Schofe took to Snapchat to document what was left of their celebration.

The night started out pretty normal:




And they ended up pretty much where we all do after a night of tequila shots. Wanting to get tattoos:


But don’t worry:


And if you’re wondering how they’re feeling this morning, well, pretty average:


Well, at least they’re not in last night’s clothes.

This isn’t the first time they have been guilty of overindulging the night before work, either.

The pair appeared in a similar state three years ago, with This Morning coming on air to a silent, empty studio – before Holly emerged from underneath a blanket on the floor.


We’ve all been there.

Well, at least they know how to enjoy themselves.