Holly Willoughby Left Shocked By Greedy ‘This Morning’ Gold Digger


Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield were left shocked after a self-confessed gold digger agreed to a date live on This Morning, when she was offered a £35,000 ring.

According to The Mirror, Laura Boylan didn’t think much of fellow guest Mark Vanderpump until he offered her a thousand pound piece of jewellery.

The ‘indecent proposal’ happened after Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield quizzed Boylan about her reasons for dating men, when she admitted she’d refused to give Mark her phone number.


Mark claimed he wasn’t bothered about dating women who were only interested in his money, and was confident Laura would eventually go out with him.

Laura did say that Mark is her type of guy but his frank admission that he’d only spent £54 on dating women this year put her off.

The gold digger remained hesitant to date Mark until he said: ‘I will buy [you] a diamond ring for £35,000.’


The greedy woman jumped at the chance, especially after complaining that a past partner had had bought her an engagement ring saying it cost £33,000 but in reality he’d only sent £5,000 – if you can imagine such a thing!

Phil of course pushed the boundaries of the interview, asking whether she ever slept with men for money and the mum-of-two explained that wasn’t part of her agenda, saying: ‘No, never.’


Although she admitted that she’s never let the blokes she pursues now that, to which Phil joked: ‘Well they’re going to know that now!’

When asked whether she thought she was leading these men on she admitted she was, and was happy to be open about it.

Good luck getting dates now…