Hollywood Have Just Signed A Deal For A Nigel Farage Movie

by : UNILAD on : 14 Aug 2017 16:50
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It’s here folks, the final sign of the impending apocalypse – The Nigel Farage Movie is happening.


A major Hollywood studio is about to sign a deal with Farage to make a six part film that will document the rocky road to Brexit success.

It will be based on Arron Banks’ diary of the referendum campaign, The Bad Boys of Brexit.

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The deal is apparently set to be worth around £60million, which is just absolutely ridiculous.


The story will focus on Gerry Gunster, a U.S advisor to the Leave campaign. It sounds like Farage might not necessarily be the protagonist of the piece, but rather the comic relief.

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One source told The Telegraph that the people at the top of the Leave campaign will be portrayed as ‘British lunatics’.

They said:

It naturally descends into farce – but they win against all odds – he is then horrified that the British lunatics are sent to help a U.S TV reality star fight for the presidency.

The farce continues and – guess what – they win and suddenly they are catapulted into the alternative White House to change the world, what could possibly go wrong!

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Sounds absolutely horrible.

The next big question now is casting, which is set to take place this Autumn.


The likes of Kevin Spacey and Benedict Cumberbatch have previously been mooted to play the former UKIP leader.


That doesn’t seem likely however as Spacey has another decidedly villainous politician to be portraying in House of Cards.

Farage and Banks are expected to be executive producers, along with LBC radio presenter Iain Dale.

Dale published the book, written by Banks, which became a bestseller.

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Mr Dale said:

Having conquered Europe it seems The Bad Boys of Brexit are about to woo Hollywood.

The main question is whether Danny DeVito is available to play Arron Banks. I just hope the writers can capture the humour and chaos displayed in the book.

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Nigel Farage however, is pretty insistent that he play himself, saying ‘I am really good at being me.’

Please god no. Make it stop.

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